Meet the Missus

Like most of you, I'm someone with many wants, dreams, and a long and growing bucket list. I'd like to believe that I have enough gusto to move forward, enough talent to showcase, and enough creativity to make me unique. The goal is not necessarily to stand out, but to be interesting enough for people to "give me a shot."


Why Missus Graham? A lot of people have asked me why I chose the name "Graham." The thing is, it's my real name. Haha! My husband is half canadian and is indeed a Graham. Perfect for a wife who happens to bake, I must say. But let me tell you more about myself, I mean it's not like I bake all day (wouldn't that be awesome though?) I graduated from U.P. Diliman with a Diploma in Music Performance in Asian music. Yes, it's a real course. Yes, it's a full course, not a two-week workshop, and I love it! I'll tell you more about it next time. I was a member of the U.P. Concert Chorus, and have been singing with a vocal jazz trio called Baihana for 7 years now (we are hoping to release our very first album soon! Fingers crossed!) 

I am a wife and a mother, two of the most fulfilling roles ever. I like doing arts and crafts and spend a decent amount of time on Pinterest, or creating things I hope are Pinterest-worthy. I love to travel and am lucky that I get to travel because of work! I fell in love with baking in 2013, the year I decided to first try baking macarons. This story is what I want to write about next because it is such an important story to me. It is so much more than just about this almond flour and sugar-based pastry. 

We started the online business that year and set up our cafe in 2014. We currently have no plans of branching out just yet, but we did open Mr. Graham's Sandwich shop this year (Hurray for the Mister!) I am currently taking a Certificate Pastry course, and I couldn't be happier! I find so much joy in the kitchen, it's crazy! I can't believe I hadn't been baking earlier, but you'll soon read about all my baking adventures!

This blog is about sharing with you all the things I'm passionate about. Baked goods, music, family, travel, adventure, and arts and crafts. I aim to write about the desserts I bake and experiment with, food I love and new food I discover, chefs and bakers I admire, music I listen to, shows I've performed at, shows I've seen and want to see. It will include my past travels, future travels, DIY projects, recipes, and songs I love. I want to share with you everything that excites my being, and hopefully it will inspire other people to live their passions and dreams as well. I'm still in the learning stages of everything too; so if I write, it's not because I feel that I'm on top of all things. I'm really not. But I feel excited about being able to share my journey with you, and I hope to get your insights about my thoughts and experiences as well.